Masterpiece Cake Shop won it’s Supreme Court case, it cannot be forced to make a CUSTOM cake for a gay couple. They can also choose to not make a CUSTOM cake for a straight couple. The arguments by ACLU lawyer was pretty bad.

So here’s the snapshot of the Pride group response which is typical of gay politics, claiming FALSELY that a string of attacks on QTBGL people:

Why are they saddened? If a Jewish bakery was asked to put an uncut penis on a CUSTOM cake, should they also be forced to do that? The Jewish faith routinely hacks off some skin off baby dicks which I find offensive, while Ellen and Sandra Bullock find laughable, and I would never decorate a cake with a cut penis because of that offense, so they have the same right I have to reject such an offensive decoration.

The ruling is PERFECT.

Why don’t our gay representative Priders understand that this is not about public accommodations, it’s about custom work. If the gay carpenter is presented a client who is a Satanist and wants all Satanist themed woodwork done does that gay carpenter not have a right to REFUSE such a job? Sure he does. Same with the cake maker. The Satanist could say that based on his religion, he can force the gay carpenter to design and woodwork all that he has planned, is that right? No. Same with the non-gay cake maker. He cannot be forced to decorate a CUSTOM cake.

Imagine had the ruling gone the way where Pride was giddy. The black cake maker in Atlanta would be forced to decorate a cake that he found offensive, with a KKK cross on it.

Now if that cake baker that ‘offended’ the gay couple had 2 exactly same cakes EXACTLY that were in a window display and said that he would not sell one of those to the gay couple but would sell it to the straight couple, because they said they wanted it for a wedding, then that would be discriminating based on a protected class. Thing is that everyone forgets, in Colorado, in 2012 when the gay couple challenged the baker, gay marriage was not recognized in that state. It was legal in Massachusetts.

Another problem with ACLU arguments were when continually the race issue was used as comparison. Race is very different than marriage. Marriage is not a class of people the same as skin color creates classes of people. Skin we are born with, equal rights challenges were strong because of that in the courts. Marriage is a choice of adults to be involved with another person.

Another example is that if someone comes in and gets a cake and the baker says “Oh no, I won’t write ‘God Hates Fags’ on it, you can, but I will not” yet they would write “Happy Birthday Darling” on it, that is the kind of argument that ACLU made and it’s totally flawed.