The thing that libtards won’t tell you, like Nancy Pelosi who slammed the Supreme Court ruling as being unfair, is that the cake maker also does not offer Halloween cakes for anyone because of his conflicting beliefs about that celebration just as much as not decorating cakes for gay weddings.

“I do not create custom designs that conflict with my conscience,” Phillips said, adding that, for the same reason, he does not make Halloween cakes.

Witches and Satanists could easily make the same stupid case that he is violating their rights to be served a “harmless” Halloween cake, but that would take the cake and the fun away from gay bullies that force themselves on others.

Catholic League president said “Had the ruling gone the other way, black bakers would have to custom design cakes for Klansmen, Jewish bakers would have to inscribe cakes for Nazis, and gay bakers would have to make personalized cakes for gay bashers.”

I really don’t know how much simpler this matter can be presented, it’s quite clear the right decision was made, yet the mass of LGBTQ+ers will continue to be outraged at the decision and keep voting for stupid politicians in California and write more stupid articles condemning religion and individuals who are protecting themselves from intolerant bigots.

Why don’t they get it?

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