He’s the judge that “gave a lenient sentence” in an alleged teen sexual assault case. The young man went to jail for only 6 months.

Only? Who wants to go to jail for a day even?

Oh no, the activists said he should have been there 7 billion years for “sexual assault”.

Let’s look up the word, assault includes “unwanted touching”.

Well then we have a society that is very guilty of this “crime”. Lots of Santa Clauses should be immediately arrested for touching kids when they are on their laps crying, it’s unwanted touching. Kid does not want to be touched when crying.

Same with parents who assault their kids, the kid was evil and spread peanut butter over dad’s keyboard, the kid was then unwantedly touched by the angry parents, hit, pulled by the arm and neck to her room, and hit on the rump.

Same with anyone that greets someone and they shake their hand and it’s UNWANTED TOUCHING.

They all should go to jail for at least 6 months and if the judge doesn’t do that, we all become hysterical and recall him.

What a sad day of many in California.

The group that is against the recall stated “Judicial recalls over a single ruling threaten our independent judiciary and set a dangerous precedent”.

Aaron Persky was recalled by are they stupid? California voters.

The medias, and over reactors, and hysterians won this.

Now this sets a precedent, judges that replace him will be forced to provide harsher sentences for so many poor people, drunk people that have sex with other drunk people, and 8 year old skateboarders that are having fun illegally in store parking lots.

The people have spoken, forget 3 strikes which is a disaster, NO STRIKES.

The people want every guy that even winks at a women to go to jail.

What a fun society.

I blame medias for latching onto the story which hysterians eat up. They only care about the drama.

This is a snapshot from the NO website: