The Chief Executive Officer sayd it, “”We were disappointed that an organization that we had partnered with for 100 years decided to accept girls…”

That organization being referred to is the Boy Scouts that now accepts girls and is has an open gay policy.

Reference Fox News article

GaBLeT Scouts also made comment, “I think the multigenderalsexuality community should take a stand and boycott Girl Scout cookies. All they are is chocolate cookies with mint, there are many other non-sexist organizations which are more deserving. Girl Scout Chief Executive Officer (GSCEO) makes would you believe an incredible…..

Anna Maria Chavez, the CEO of the Girl Scouts of the USA, gobbled up an $83,000 bonus in 2012, new tax filings show — the icing on top of a $390,000 salary.

That was during a time of budget cuts! Then she stepped down to get into public service.

Besides boycotting the chocolate mint cookies they sell which can be bought anywhere under a different brand, thus providing jobs for the more deserving, all the girl scout cookies on computers should be erased from memory as well, lest we be called SAPs (Supporting Accentric Problematicas).

The boy scouts don’t sell cookies. That’s because everyone knows that’s a woman’s job.

Feature image of a cookie by Johnathan Meyer