“If only one live is saved it will all be worth it” is the claim.

That is huckster sales talk.

I thought about this when reading that the volcano that is ejaculating hot lava out of the dick called Earth, there was mention of a lake on the big fat island filled with water of course, that the lave is flowing into and evaporating.

“If only one lake is saved it would all be worth it”

It’s like those who make those huckster claims could come in (if it wasn’t so obviously absurd) and say that if only one fish in the lake was saved it would all be worth it.

It referring to doing whatever it takes to stop the lava flow into the lake.

Hucksters do this with the fantasy called HIV. They present the concept that they are saving lives by providing poisonous ingestibles to people. The human body can process a wide variety of poisons and survive, even rattle snake poison can be eliminated. So when they “save lives” with HIV drugs really what is happening is that the body is surviving the lava flow of poisons that are no where near the strength when the fantasy of HIV was first discovered. In those dark daze a very strong poison AZT was laced in the formula at 5 times the current dose. It’s like a deer in the headlights being hit 5 times will most certainly die whereas if it’s hit only once it will only be injured and likely run away, lick it’s wounds, and survive many more years.

Unfortunately politics, fear, hysteria all rule.

This takes me to the absurd, PReParing for sex. I never in my wildest dreams thought there would be the day that the gay public would be so duped that they would believe they would have to take a pill before having sex.