SUMU is what I call Single Use Multiple Use Plastic Bags.They are bags that when they are brought home they are reused for dog poop or other uses more than once, often multiple times. Liberal retards and hucksters now call these single use bags and single use straws. They want them banned to save Nemo even though Nemo says they are very convenient when he finds them in his ocean. He often has lunch with Sponge Bob.

Here’s the thing, plastic bags became wildly popular because of a few reasons, they are super cheap, they are durable, they are waterproof unlike paper bags, and they are reusable AND they save trees. They were promoted as better by liberals way back when. Now they are calling them bad.


Now places like IKEA and other cause moved businesses are going to kill more trees again as a way to save the environment. Less trees, more carbon. Trees extract carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Less trees less oxygen. IKEA said it will use renewable straws made of birch wood. Birch trees have decided to move to Mexico to get away from liberals.

So the liberal bent is again rather stupid, it even fucks up their carbon capture schemes.

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