If liberal retards were consistent they would call on Congress to enact new laws Banning Bathrobe Belts.

It’s what that fool Anthony Bourdain used to kill himself.

People who kill themselves are stupid and when I see someone of celebrity and fame do it, it’s even more stupid.

Liberals will pounce on me for saying that, which is also stupid.

If a person who kills their own body is not stupid then what is the opposite, smart. They are not smart. Killing one self is not smart so it’s stupid.

This reminds me of questioning that lying politicians use as a tactic all the time saying that the answer is one or the other, like a simple yes or no, or either smart or stupid.

These lines of questioning are also stupid but not as stupid as putting an end to all body processes on your own.

Don’t be stupid.

Feature image of a stupid hair drying session in a stupid bathrobe by Gratisography