The world is covered in studies but not homes for the homeless. How many homes could this one have provided for the homeless?

Let’s see, $67 million divided by say $250,000 per house, that’s 268 homes.

Put 4 people in each of those homes, you just solved homelessness for over 1,000 people, no, you didn’t because that money went to studiers at the NIH who have big houses already, big stock portfolios, big cars, and big study budgets.

Or, you could buy those homeless unlimited supplies of beer so they don’t care about being homeless.

Some places really show they care, they supply clean needles to do drugs with so they don’t care about being homeless for at least another day while mosquitos don’t get such help.


Feature image by of two beers necking which since these two beers are gay they are not allowed in certain hardware stores.