The CHIEF of was made a fool of by loving acronymites for eating a hamburger and posting a picture of it.

Problem is, he did this at one of the QTBGLs list of banned businesses to deal with, Chik-Fil-A which will not serve LGBTQWERTY patrons hamburgers with a man and man on it.

Really now, Twitter guy eats a banned hamburger?

In that logic which is idiotic, then they should add every American business for poorly treating the I community and the GLBTQZ community within the I community.

Haven’t figured out what the acronym I stands for yet?


Every single business in the United States is guilty of using Native American Indian land for their gain while the US Government also killed many and put the survivors in concentration camps called nicely “reservations” like one is taking them out to dinner.

Every trust fund privileged white Caucasoid non-Indian QWERTY member should be shamed right alongside this horrible murdered cow eating human.

Shaming makes America Great Again.

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