Chris Johnson of the gay rag “The Blade” says Sarah Sanders only called on him once in January, has not been called on to ask questions since so he says in the article on

Hmm. My first guess is that she knows that he’s on the fascist RESIST MOVEMENT side that HATES TRUMP and can’t be bothered. I would have to agree.

Of course as to be expected the claims run the gammit, from Trump being the bad guy for banning people in the military who clearly have a mental issue with their sex they were born with, to hysterical gay couples that insist they be treated differently yet equally different when it comes to FORCING SOMEONE TO DO SOMETHING THEY DON’T WANT TO DO in decorating a cake.

I don’t have much respect for all the gay rags out there, they have to earn it. They never once earned it with me in decades since the Hysterical Information Virus took hold of everyone’s brain. They continually push this insane inane concept of a killer virus that lurks in cum and ass holes and dirty needles while completely ignoring the obvious fact that if this thing was real it would be transmitted by mosquito needles like all other viruses are, and transmitted by the wind like all other viruses are.

These rags now push this ludicrous PReP garbage. According to these publishers who are all making gobs of money off the advertising of these prophylactics, and poisons that killed and maimed my friends, we now have to take pills before having sex to be safe. I give those pills to my back yard mosquitoes before I have sex now. That way I know they won’t get it from neighbors who claim they are HIV+ on Grindr. This way those mosquitoes are protected and thus I am protected from their dirty HIV+ tainted needles because PReP kills it instantly.


Speaking of boo hoos, these gay rags all have continually done the same thing taking questions maybe once from those who are inquiring as to what the hell is going on with this ludicrous theory that viruses that change constantly but are unique (note the contradiction) and why the true experts in the field of retro virology, especially the father of such Peter Duesberg who rang the alarm on this HIV/SCAM in the 1980’s only to be drowned out by hysterical idiots, con artists, and people in positions of power who merely were doing their jobs to inform by bosses who were misinformed.

The rags and blogs went and go to great lengths to completely make Deusberg out to look like the fool. Everyone jumped on that bandwagon claiming that “Duesberg has been discredited long ago” they say. It’s exactly like how Hitler came to power and unfortunately the Human IV regime is still in power killing people.

That truly is something to cry about.

It’s also worth noting other headlines, look at the snapshot of the article taken on June 16, 2018 at the lower right column of other news items, the one that says “Are Cadbury products tainted with HIV?” Apparently there are some bits of logic poking their heads around still as some people do understand that viruses travel by air and by mosquito needles and that they could end up in all sorts of places, including candy bars. The band wagoneers quickly scoff at that though, forcefully boisterly asserting that it’s been shown that HIV cannot be transferred that way yet they never have once provided solid proof of this assertion which contradicts how viruses can easily go places. I mean really now, think about this, a virus is like a speck of dust. Imagine your house keeper telling you that there are certain specks of dust you can catch only through sex. All specks of dust, and viruses, are blown about everywhere.

Catching viruses is not the problem. We catch them all day long. We let go of them all day long. They attach themselves to all sorts of things. We touch them, we breathe them in, and we shit and piss and exhale them out. There is no such thing as one that can’t escape.

If only we could let go of those viral Hysterical Information Vortex* concepts that affect the mind……the ones that seem to always have $ attached to them pushing preventive medications, treatments for the rest of your life which makes many trust fund babies happy.

And don’t leave here expecting to learn about this from your government officials, doctors, TBLGQWERTY counseling and “get tested” centers.

The are the problem.


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