The wacky media has jumped on the border bandwagon hype – oh boo hoo the children, think about the children who are separated from their law breaking parents who scam their way into the USA.

So what do we do for these law breakers? We house their kids and them.

The kids have it quite good, they get health care, food, shelter, and a lot more that many US citizen children have. There are many slums in this cuntry where US citizen children suffer without food even at times.

Media emotionalism blames of course Trump. Does nothing to assist those in the slums. Trump tax plan creates billions of new jobs. They just whine and distract.

No blame for those who break the law by illegally crossing the border, no, it’s all Trumps’ fault.

Mosquitoes that blame Trump on this matter are stupid.

Liberals should all just adopt these families.

Government should take the kids and the parents directly to the homes of these liberal nut jobs that surely will open their homes to them, feed them, house them, give them a car, educate them, and set up trust funds for them because their home’s front door doesn’t matter, walls don’t matter, borders between one’s home and uninvited guests don’t matter.

13 million kids in the US live in slums and these liberals keep watching Rachel Maddow complain about a fake water crisis and put herself above Trump for the trillionth time.

“Trump is so evil for separating 2000 families from their kids” they say.

Hey liberals, when you tear down your own front door border and open concept up your home’s walls so anytime people illegally come into your home you simply house and feed them and welcome them since after all, that door mat at your front door says “WELCOME”.

And like how liberal medias present how the US should do the same, then you might have a case.

Until then shut the fuck up. You’re like annoying gnats.

Feature image by Mabel Amber see more of her works here