That’s how it would be on the board game. You’d land on the space, pick up a card, and instead of “Get out of jail FREE” it would say “Get tested go to jail”.

I say this in jest though this situation is not funny.

We now have another person being “sent to jail” so the headlines read, for not informing his girlfriend for “having HIV”.

He never should have gotten tested. No one should get tested.

Authorities who never make mistakes and ignore the facts presenting how these tests are garbage, believe the tests are God’s only son here to proclaim results and redemption.

They rely on the ministers of HIV dogma.

So the guy this time was a cop. He didn’t tell his girlfriend. He’s sorry.

Yet the people will not have such threats to humanity without punishment.

Disregarding that all viruses can also be spread by coughing, the Jewish HI virus is sent concentration camps.

It’s like Hitler’s regime.

Apparently there’s more than one cop that did this!