A hard working emergency room staffer gets the throat of her job slit, canned, suspended because she mocked a patient for a mental condition. Seems she doubted the patient’s sincerity and accused both him and his father of coming to the hospital for drugs.

Now let’s compare, Ellen still has a job, not suspended for mocking and demeaning a broad swath of people, all who are men, all those hundreds of millions who have been circumcised throughout the world without their authorization.

She and her famous movie star guest made light of the horror that is banned for fewos* but totally legal to do to males which is sexist.

*the new PC term for females which doesn’t contain the term male in it because that would be sexist to continue it’s use, it uses FE male and WO man, discarding the words male and man like discarding hacked off foreskin, no wait, foreskin is reused and sole for a profit where the baby men who had it hacked off are not compensated

That’s the term describing how a part of the baby boys dicks gets cut off at birth, circumcision. It’s a circular cutting off of part of the male private part.

Imagine that, a vital part of children’s cocks getting cut off at birth. It’s not like there’s a mole, it’s skin that covers their entire cock.

How is it that it’s fine to chop off skin of an infant and it’s not OK to make fun of someone?

People laugh about it and there’s little or no response from women other than mockery of foreskin induced face cream use by pompous celebrities for youth and glamour which mockery bringing more ad sales for products like PPFC – Penis Parts Face Cream.

It’s Ellen and Sandra Bullock who are the ones with serious mental conditions and it’s not funny.

Since the holier than thou PC Nazis deemed it not OK to make fun of their mental conditions, I will not make fun of their mental conditions. This is serious. There is something terribly wrong with them.

Bullock came on the show and of course Ellen knew about it prior, exposing their ugliness in mocking the fact that penis parts were in Bullocks face cream.