It’s interesting how much attention people pay to trivial things, but when it comes to the horror caused on little babies when they have a part of their dicks cut the fuck off with excruciating pain to follow, everyone covers their eyes. Take for example the headline in this publication online about the boo hoo issue of children separated by parents who are illegal border crossers.

Not once has she mentioned how horrific it is to see babies foreskin ripped from their penises.

The world is still full of sick societies and the United States is the biggest. If it cannot protect children from having their penises cut there is a serious problem here.

To be clear I make no reference comparison to Kellyanne and monkeys nor do I make reference to Valerie Jared and monkeys as to do so would be admitting evolution from monkeys and everyone knows we were created by God and only God, not monkeys, even though a lot of us act like them.


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