Show me one example where they discriminated. There is none.

They hire gay employees. They serve homo and robo sexuals. They buy products from companies that hire homosexuals and don’t boycott those companies.

The only thing that ever happened coming from the foundation that the owners set up is that one of the arms of the foundation had opposed same sex marriage.

They lost that battle, conceded, yet the Nazi Gay Camps continue to boycott. It’s like they get pleasure out of torturing a business even though it doesn’t really do anything to that business, what it does is torture the minds of the LGBT & QWERTY community.

To be accepted now we have to take that vow to never eat at Chik-Fil-A.

Fuck that gaycrap. You can shove that gay politics down your own throat, I’m shoving down food that’s got protein in it.

These noisemakers are the say types that also brought you HIV.

HIV is a made up fantasy. There is no such thing as a virus that cannot travel by mosquito.

Since mosquitoes are everywhere, sticking their dirty needles into HIV+ers and then into HIV-ers if there was such a thing we would see a raging epidemic in the summer.

HIV is a big fat lie.

Being told we can’t eat where we want to when the fucking war already ended is also a lie.