The Democrats always say they don’t want gun confiscation and then we read things like this:

Image snapshot dated June 19, 2018 from this website

The logic of gun control without rock and kitchen knife control is like calling for condom control after some loon took HIV tainted condoms and put them in sandwiches in the school cafeteria and kids ate them.

Of course since HIV is actually bogus no one would have been harmed by that except the hysteria would cause suffering. Eating the condoms would be not real good as latex is not good for the insides.

Might want to mention that to your chute.

So to stop that condom assault (which is a hypothetical) from happening again the loons in politics and emotional jerkism activism get on their high horses and “do something”.

Now they are going after gamers making it a mental condition. If they have guns it will be easier to confiscate those.

By the year 2045 they will have deemed all guns confiscated from Americans which will also be a lie.

Then then next Hitler will rise to power.

No, Trump is not Hitler.

Why are people so stupid these days.

No one goes after the psychotropic medications that are most likely TRIGGERING these events.

The Democratic party is so full of crap. Just take a gander at Pelosi and Hillary in the past touting how much we need to control the border which is so different than their tune today.