In the wide world of virus sports, according to the Scientific American “the ticks are winning”.

Not sure about the tocks. I guess they are losers.

They say there is a battle against lyme disease not to be confused with tutti fruity disease.

Of course this is based on the flawed and completely faulty concept and embedded blood sucking belief system that claims that ticks carry disease.

They don’t carry disease, it’s too heavy. Disease is a condition of the human body. For a tick or a mosquito to carry a disease they would have to be carrying a human body. This is impossible. Thus all claims that they carry disease are lies.

People believe these lies.

Ticks carry viruses (or is it bacteria). Humans carry viruses and bacteria (we will refer to this as VS from now on). The air carries VBs. Cars carry VBs. Animals carry VBs. Anything that moves carries both of these things. They are very small and lightweight.

For a tick to pick or choose which particular B it’s going to carry, that’s another lie. Bs are like specks of dirt that have been named differently to fool you. Dirt or snowflake particles could also be named the same way to fool you.

Bs are about 1000 times bigger than Vs but the LGBT leaders want you to treat them equal.

In the end they have treatments that make them money and are attempts to help people.

Feature image by Moose Photos see more works here

Note about feature image: there are two colors that infer boy and girl – in our new age of transgender bathrooms we must come up with a third color. No longer is the baby store going to have just blue and pink. It will have at least 3 colors.