The family of cells near the tip of my cock were separated by a ruthless dictator who had a knife.

When I was born the family of skin was cutt off from the rest of my family when I crossed the border of my mother’s body crossing over the placenta and out her vagina into this world.

No one was hysterical about protecting and keeping my family of cells all residing in a section of skin on my dick.

Yet today we have hystericals and presidents all running to the aide of “children” which is a term that describes babies to teenagers who when they all come across the border into America illegally have been at times separated during due process. These human cells have brains enough to know that what they are doing is illegal yet they do it anyway.

The act of circumcumfrencially hacking off part of my body to please the dictator of delivery is abhorrent yet no one does anything about it for those infants who keep suffering this holocaust of foreskin death.

It’s way past time something be done about it. Someone who has the energy to fix this problem please do something before it’s too late for quadratillions of cells of foreskin being sent to a horrifying and demeaning display of use in Sandra Bullock’s face cream.