The House vote is overwhelmingly Republican YES and Democrat NO on helping individuals with mental conditions related to opioid abuse.

Have Democrats gone completely insane or are they just so anti-Republican that that is all they can do now is just vote against everything they do.

Have them explain to me how the following from the bill is vote NO worthy:

A State electing to provide medical assistance pursuant to this subsection shall include with the submission of the State plan amendment under paragraph (1) to the Secretary—

“(i) a plan on how the State will improve access to outpatient care during the period of the State plan amendment, including a description of—

“(I) the process by which eligible individuals with opioid use disorders will make the transition from receiving inpatient services in an institution for mental diseases to appropriate outpatient care; and

“(II) the process the State will undertake to ensure individuals with opioid use disorder are provided care in the most integrated setting appropriate to the needs of the individuals; and

“(ii) a description of how the State plan amendment ensures an appropriate clinical screening of eligible individuals with an opioid use disorder, including assessments to determine level of care and length of stay recommendations based upon the multidimensional assessment criteria of the American Society of Addiction Medicine.