Emotions ran so high from all the idiots that get sucked into TV reports of crying kids at the border – OH BOO HOOO – that someone got a fundraiser going for a non-profit to help these families.

Oh how nice.

Even the First Lady was seen supporting the change in policy as it’s “so immoral” to separate families.

Liberal hystericals went to the length of saying that it’s wrong to separate no matter what crime was committed.

Like WOW.

Hey let’s just give them everything they need, new car, boat, home, and a trust fund. They deserve it.

The money in the assistance fund will make the lawyers rich, that’s where the money is mostly going.

Meanwhile back at the ranch called the United Disjointed States, there are 2,000 new families who became homeless because of sky rocketing rents.

Glad to see those illegals getting everything they need.

These homeless get nothing.

And the country is spending billion$$ to house these people already, housing for 20,000 children alone.

My gawd, we saved their fucking lives from 120 degree desert heat and liberals get all freaking out over how these illegal visitors are separated.

Fuck that. I want this illegal activity to stop!

Why don’t you stupid liberals invite them all to live with you.

And while you go get them using your lavish cups full of your morals invite all the homeless people you trip over on the way.