The powers that be in medical declarations that kom from kings of the community have declared HIV to be Human Immunodunnodeficiency Virus.

Those same powers have declared HHV to be Herpesviridae.

Go figure.*

They do the HHV1 and HHV2 thing like they do with HIV1 and HIVcatch22.

Wikipedia states:

snapshot of Wikipedia herpesviridae page June 21, 2018 @ 11:47 am pt

More than 90% of adults have it and most have A LATENT FORM. This is like HIV where they claim it never exits the body, a latent form remains “hidden”.

In reality all that is is antibodies.

It’s like when you have that silly flu shot, it gives you a new form of the flu so you get stimulated to produce antibodies. They try to predict each season’s popular flu strain but it’s a strain to believe that they ever get it right. Viruses mutate CON-STANT-LY thus last hour’s virus is different than 2 days ago.

None the less, antibodies remain and may be ready to attack the flu later. That’s the idea.

Then after the flu subsides, you have the latent form of “the flu virus” which of course is one of the infinite strains that ends up staying around in your body in case it develops again. It’s like making copies of a photo, in case you lose the original or a duplicate, you still have others. Copies of photos are not originals nor can they command the same response by collectors as

Antibodies break down viruses. You could say they “attack viruses”. Your body makes antibodies to match each unique virus that ever comes around and breaks it down. This can take some time to accomplish especially if there are oil slicks in the person’s blood STREAM BED.

So having “latent viruses” which are antibodies remaining in you is really no big deal, in fact it’s good.

So the next time some idiot with a PHD in science or a LGBTQ in politics or some lame ass representative of a representation of representations of representations says that HIV remains in the body, which technically is better said as “the latent virus remains” know that you just got an HIV shot, you are immunized. You have antibodies.

You’ve got male.

Protection = Antibodies

Why wear protection? You already have protection flowing inside you.


I learned about antibodies and HIV starting in 1985. The standard claims are crap. Why hasn’t everyone else figured it out yet.

*Go figure out how they get Human Immunodeficiency Virus into HIV which at least makes some sense but HHV doesn’t have that second H in it and the term is one word, logic would declare it to be H not HHV but such is the wacky world of medical declarations and definitions that are not very definitive, more like exhasporative.