HIV the award that just keeps giving.

The lawsuit judgement included an award of 18.4 million dollars for alleged malpractice.

The real malpractice is HIV lies but that doesn’t hold up against a jury who is duped by HIV propaganda.

The patient had facial paralysis and in 2007 was going to get an HIV test (since when did paralysis get caused by HIV).

The doctor cancelled the test. That was a mistake.

They argued “his client should have been tested because he is gay and was exposed to bodily fluids while working as a paramedic”.

See how this works, if you are gay you are more likely to get it, yet that is so biased.

The formula, gay plus exposure to spit and blood = get tested, freak out, head for the hills a tsunami of emotion is on it’s way.

The other formula, straight plus exposure to spit and blood = don’t really have to get tested, not as much risk, no biggie.

There are 9 times more straights sharing bodily fluids than gays, and viruses supposedly don’t discriminate, thus this whole gays get it thing is bogus.

There will be no headlines though of how the award is reversed.

Those never make it to top news, they get buried.