I won’t watch. The whole TVdebacle is disgusting.

Roseanne apologized – crazy liberal retards won’t accept it

Roseanne did not mean anything racist against Valerie Jared one bit thought that high profile political figure that was in the White House and not just an entertainer comedienne like Roseane and others that show images of presidents with their head bloody and chopped off, a woman in the White House that has made decisions that have hurt many people around the world, well Roseanne thought she was white. I thought she was white, I mean Caucasian.

These daze it’s OK to trash white people, especially white men in power for being Caucazoid.

99.999 % of all reporting now stated that Roseanne made a racist comment. It’s a lie.

Truth doesn’t matter, people like trashing Trump supporters. They look for any reason to even when it is unfair, unbalanced, makes no sense.

The Democratic party now disgusts me. It represents the party of hate, lies, con jobs.

The show will suck without Roseanne. They are going to call it “The Connors”.

One comment stated that they should have her character get stuck at the Mexican border for a few years trying to get back into the US. Now that’s funny.

I like Roseanne. She is a TV icon and has done so much for the country. To dump her like they have is unconscionable.

Roseanne for President!