Keystone virus jumped from animals to humans is the wacky claim. Humans are animals. What properties made the virus jump onto a dog and not a human for all this time? It’s bullshit.

“We couldn’t identify what was going on,” Morris told the station. “We screened this with all the standard approaches and it literally took a year and a half of sort of dogged laboratory work to figure out what this virus was.” stated the article at NPR.

Dogged laboratory work is what we are supposed to grab hold of with this discovery?! ROFL

“But until now, there hasn’t been a way to test humans for the Keystone virus, spread by Aedes atlanticus, a common Florida mosquito and a cousin to the insect that carries Zika.” the article aslo states.

So it only started jumping when there was a test? Anyone who is using logic and reason and does not have a product to sell can see that this is mosquitowarsh.

Viruses don’t suddenly start jumping onto particular species at the same time there is a new test to sell to the fearing public who will be brainwashed into getting, what is it now, 73,452 tests available to see which virus jumped onto you.

I jumped back when I started learning how much of the science around viruses is bullshit. Viruses are cellular debris. Shit.

Testing for various forms and flavors of shit is quite the pitch.