What is in a name. That is a statement. What is a type of virus. What is found in names.

The What Virus (TWV)

It’s the strain of virus that is like the Smith Virus and the Jones Virus. It affects naming.

The What Virus infects other naming protocols and The Researchers are trying to find a vaccine for the What Virus.

The cluefull one wondered if, how, and why the Why Virus might not have a clue.

Then When Viruses kicked in and took over the What Virus.

This happened near the When Virus as it mutated into a How Virus.

Mutations in viruses are known to occur constantly and infinitely.

How Viruses get such attention When Virus all they are doing is acting like people is beyond the Who What Where When And Why Virus (WWWWAWV) scope of understanding.

In the virus naming world we have these presentations that that nit pick about how viruses act and what they do.

It’s like with naming humans.

They want us to believe that because a Smith Virus acted a certain way that all Smith viruses will act that same way.

Which is about as accurate as saying all John Smith Humans will act the same way.

Well yes, they do, they shit like everyone else and eat like everyone else and drink water like everyone else.

This is how researchers use broad generalizations.

Scientists, researchers, doctors, lawyers, anyone who regurgitates a claim about viruses that lay the foundations for public policy and understanding use names inappropriately.

Where have we heard that term “inappropriately”, oh yes, inappropriate behavior.

They use inappropriate behavior in the way they make these presentations to the public, basically raping them.

Viruses are like humans, just because there is a virus there doesn’t mean there is any threat, in fact, it could be good.

Viruses that are called Human Immunoeieio Deficiency (HID) might be thought of as robbers or thugs.

The Thug Virus invades the cell and kills it might be the claim. This could be true of one of those Viruses which like humans gets thrown out on the streets after losing wife, job, kids, and goes to the dark side in a bad judgement call teaching moment.

Then later the Thug Virus goes home and feeds the baby and gets the rest of his belongings.

The Thug Virus is like the Bad Human, he’s not so bad after all yet it still gets a bad rap and gets hunted down by medications.

How Viruses come into the picture where it really matters is when the Boyfriend Virus gets caught playing with the Cheating Virus.