This is a very important story.

I have to wonder how many times the boy watched Ellen at home.

Ellen is openly gay and routinely encourages human beings to come out as gay. I disagree with her approach.

It is not always such a good idea to do be so open.

I blame her in part for this boys death and some in the gay community in general for not promoting a more balanced approach.

I blame her and others for not using all their boundless energy to find balance in these issues in particular as in teaching children how to decide whether or not it is SAFE TO COME OUT AS GAY in the environment they are in.

Ellen touts her self as a champion, she failed in my view. Between the extreme unbalanced open push to come out as gay without teaching how to judge each situation effectively and her making fun of, joking, and laughing about children from Korea who have the skin of their dicks chopped off and put into Sandra Bullock’s face cream, she’s no role model in my view AT ALL other than what not to be like other than the fact that she does try to be more positive and has improved the lives of many people who are addicted to television.