That is what the rabbi said in the fascinating interview regarding the lack of FORGIVENESS of Roseanne.

Americans and world wideans are relishing in self absorbSHUN after totally trashing this WOMAN who has been a great comedienne, mother, activist, artist, and so many things and simply made an error in judgement. I mean like really it was a fucking tweet. People have become too full of themselves using the old high school and grade school childish trick of putting people down to make themselves feel up.

And about this other image thing, why is it that those male children in the Jewish faith have part of their dicks hacked off routinely without the child’s permission? Who on Gods Green CO2 filled Earth would you want to change the image of God in his children unless of course this is a mechanism of control and abuse. When are these Jews going to be called out for this foreskin holocaust?

feature image by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi