The internet dubbed her “Permit Patty”.

She pretended to police on a little girl selling lemonade, no water.

She lost some of her cannabis business due to bad publicity.

The internet also deemed her racist. That is because she is white and the littler girl is black.

The internet which is the smartest bit of fake news in the room is racist.

The girl was trying to sell water on San Francisco street with out a permit.

She was violating the law. That doesn’t matter though, laws don’t apply when it’s something that the internet decides is unfair.

The internet thinks it’s unfair to make a child who is illegally selling water on public streets obey the law.

That is deemed this way only because of her race and that a different race points out the law is being violated.

She was selling water to go on a necessary trip to Disneyland as “her mom just lost her job”.

The internet understands priorities.

Patty was annoyed at the annoying black voice that kept up constant yelling to buy water for hours.

The internet believes that if it was a white girl screaming Permit Patty would have done nothing.

The internet deemed this as a racist matter, “it was racist” it says.

San Francisco requires temporary permit be obtained to sell something that would be taxed in a store.

Article in claims that Patty “cried white woman tears”.

What the hell is that if not racist.

We tried to reach Peppermint Patty to ask if she ever called police on anyone who sold bottles of water on the streets without selling cafe mochas with a twist of candy cane.

Then the internet looked at Patty’s cannabis tinctures – they are amazing, they even have wellness formulas for your pet!


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