Sarah Sanders was kicked out of a Red Hen restaurant because the employees and the owner did not like her there because she works for the president they hate.

This is so stupid. It’s bad for their business at this one franchise, and this action has harmed all other Red Hen restaurants.

The nutjob liberals that do this crap are hypocrites the likes of Jerry Falwell. He was a fundamentalist Christian that was terribly and unfairly outspoken against the gay community. In those days “gay community” term included all varieties, the T’s, the L’s, the B’s. He was a big hypocrite.

These libtards who kicked her out treated her unequally.

Although there is no federal law against DISCRIMINATING based on political beliefs, so the owner broke no law, people should not think this is a free pass to go do the same discrimination.

There are states like California where you cannot do that same thing. Some states do have laws against this discrimination, businesses have to provide equal access to their products. Political beliefs have nothing to do with someone coming into a business and ordering the same foods or gas or have dry cleaning done.

Keep this in mind all you F’s and G’s and L’s, etc.

You have to treat people equally.

Do not discriminate lest you dine with Jerry in heaven and hell.