Obama care had as an important foundation of making it work FORCED FEES. Everyone had to buy insurance or pay a minimum FORCED FEE.

Democrats applauded it.

That changed in the courts recently, forced fees no more. Democrats were aghast saying it was necessary. They say it will collapse. They said this was BAD.

Now we have the unions for government employees. They also claimed they had to have forced fees in order for them to work just like health care.

The courts also struck that forced fee down as not constitutional. Democrats are in the news hailing this as GOOD.

People who do this kind of crap are hypocrites and liars. The two things are the very same principle.

This is how Democrats work. They are desperate to get people to their side all they do is lie. Logic is not their priority.

They also spread lies about particles smaller than dust being more powerful than a speeding bullet.

When presented with logical arguments that shoot their views down they refuse to acknowledge they were seriously in error ALL THESE 34 POSITIVE YEARS.

There is no such thing as a virus that only travels on dicks and needles unless there is a virus that travels on dicks and needles and needles.

Needles that belong to mosquitoes, syringes, and dicks inject HIV into everyone they poke, the same way that unicorns poke people.

HIV is an utter fantasy.