Stupid people are comparing Trump to Hitler. They watch too much TV.

Hitler killed 6 million Jews, a religion that routinely hacks off penis skin from babies dicks that now we find out finds it’s way into Sandra Bullock’s face cream where women now find it funny to laugh about with Ellen and other degenerates.

Some say Hitler killed only 6,000 of these “hacking babies dicks is Godly” believers, claiming with reference and logic that the stories are exaggerated.

Who would ever exaggerate stories where there are no records of exact calculations! There are various reports. There is no way to verify so many of the accounts.

To question those numbers or question any story about the Holocaust that is other than the official version is illegal in some countries.

It’s also highly offensive. The gay flag colors on the White House making it a Rainbow House was also offensive.

There remains a horror regarding the Holocaust In Virology that killed my friends with prescription holocaust medicines.

No one screams about the foreskin holocaust that continues this very moment and is sanctioned by various governments including the United States.

Both Hitler & Trump are said to be in/heading for HELL while baby penis skin gets hacked off and gleefully put onto Sandra Bullocks’ and other sexist women’s faces.

That is real.

HIV and HELL do not exist.

We even have Christians preachers clearing up this matter who stated the following at a funeral:

“‘Is he (the young man who passed) going to Hell? Did he accept Jesus as his …?’ See, y’all have been sold a lie. You’ve been bamboozled. All that stuff is a fairytale. To believe in Hell means you have to believe in Santa Claus. I don’t care how you cut [it]. Hell is an imaginary place. And I was told that if anything that does not have an explanation must be imagination,” Rogers declared.

To believe in HELL you have to believe in HIV transmitted by Santa Clause.

I’m glad we could have this talk.