The weather for January 28, 2018 shows a massive dust “plume” that is heading across the Atlantic Ocean.

With it comes HIV and all other African-African viruses.

If the North America is lucky it will only hit Central America and South America.

HIV – the virus like all viruses that get transmitted by air, needles, cocks, bodily fluids, and more.

What’s that you say it dies when it hits the air?

Oh my, my dear child, viruses are not living things they can’t die any more than risky atmospheric fluids die.

Who told you they are even living, someone trying to sell you something?

Viruses are like particles of dust. They could be a problem. They could irritate. They only kill when they are dumped on you.

image snapshot from June 28 18 a 4:47pmpt and archived here in the interest of public teaching and reference under fair use principles