Liberals were so nice to the illegal border crossers, they demanded the children not be separated from their parents. They made quite the fuss about kids being separated from their parents and put in cages. What do they prefer they die in the 120 degree desert? Give them each a new home?

The liberals don’t mind these illegal border crosiers coming here that much, making sure they fight for them to have good lawyers, great food, nice cool shelter in summer and warm shelter in winter, everything they need. Instead of sending them back where they came they end up staying here on the other side of their border.

Catch and release program sends millions of illegals that cannot be found. They end up living somewhere in the US taking people’s jobs, draining social resources, driving drunk and killing innocent people at times. Sometimes they go to a pier and accidentally kill someone while they remain alive.

Liberals are always defending illegals. It’s so nice.

Liberals are so caring, yet they are against letting fetuses into this country sometimes. They fight for the woman’s “right to do with her body” as she wants.

Conservatives are against abortion, they want the border wall from the mother separating the inside from the outside to be down, they want the fetus to freely come across that border into this world. They are against freely letting people cross other borders.

The woman is like border patrol, no, like Congress, choosing who can come in and who can not.

Some women choose to simply kill the pre-born baby before it even gets to the border.

Liberals feel it’s better to kill a pre-born baby before it crosses the female gender border.

When pre-born fetuses are born in other countries and cross our country borders, liberals embrace it.

When pre-born fetuses are born in other countries and cross our country borders, conservatives try to send it back.

Only one of those groups kills babies that are trying to enter all countries.