The Sarah Sanders kick out of restaurant spectacle has pointed out that we have inequality in this country.

Democrats relish in the removal of a woman who informs the press and does so respectfully.

Democrats and their kookiest leader Maxine Waters called for people to not stop there, but for all restaurants to eject conservatives, even their best customers, based on these actions.

Maxine Waters said to actually push back when you see them in restaurants, gas stations, school yards, shopping checkout lines even when they are there paying for their items in their cart online, and to get in anyone’s face who supports Trump who has followed in the foot steps in Hitler like a little boy follows a dump truck down the street because the dog chased it, it still does not make the boy a garbage truck, yet she has yelled loudly to people for harassing them, throwing them out of toilets, spitting on them, etc.

Republicans say to treat each other respectfully regardless of political beliefs.

Now let’s take a quiz, think for a moment, who do you think supported equality based on race back in the 1800’s.

You are correct, it was the Republicans. They wanted slavery to end. They fought hard for it to end. They ended it.

Of course they also wanted to tax those people or was that a Democrat thing too. Well yes it was.

Seems the Dems hate lower taxes and love high ones. It’s how they make their money.

Slavery was very taxing to understand as are most things when we look at how we acted as children and how adult politicians act like fools.

You go girl! The more this nut job Maxine Waters does this the better.