Trump comes through on yet another of his promises, simplifying filling out tax forms.

Democrats of course find fault, criticize, etc.

This new form will save trees, save energy processing pulp into paper, will cut CO2 emissions, save ink, save aspirin, and still Democrats can do nothing but criticize.

You go girls! The more you do that the more you solidify Trump’s re-election for a 2nd term.


Now how about going after pump action shotguns and their like the one used in the newspaper massacre. The more you do this stuff the more you keep shooting yourselves and your colleagues in the foot and although sad to watch it’s also hilarious and guaranteeing that Republicans will keep being elected.

The alternative you could consider though is:

  1. dropping global warming nonsense
  2. focusing on jobs
  3. dropping the fight against guns
  4. focusing on removing gun free zones which are like unicorns and HIV
  5. praise Trump for what he’s done and show the public how you can do better
  6. drop your rediculous Trump bashing
  7. get help for TDS and others who suffer from it
  8. smoke a doobie and calm down
  9. get Maxine Waters a job at McDonald’s where she can do some good
  10. take Nancy Pelosi to a nursing home
  11. learn the principles of Akido