I am basically done with MSNBC. All they do is bash Trump. They lie and deceive constantly. At least Fox News and others tend to use logic and reason and not so much hysteria, at least these days. Reporters like Hannity were totally nauseating when Obama was Pres. Such is media.

So currently speaking, one example of many available as to all the deceit now in liberal medias is how they take a simple purchase of a company and turn it into some kind of big mistake.

PillPack takes prescriptions and packages them for people and sends it direct to door. They were bought by Amazon.com. Many pharmacy stocks dropped 3 to 10 % after the announcement. Investors were leery about keeping their money in those stocks knowing that Amazon is so big and destroys companies (note end of book sellers).

So CNBC (parent company same as MSNBC) used simple math to deceive their readers, my perspective anyway.

Look at the headline from this snapshot of Google news on June 29, 2018.

Seems simple right? They made a stupid move Walmart did right? It wiped off 4.5 times what they could have bought it for. Hell no. Walmart would have to come up with $700 million. From where?

What really happened is speculation got removed from it’s inflated value. Walmart didn’t lose anything. Investors lost. The extra value was there based on speculation that Walmart was going to possibly buy PillPack, that they were going to go big in pharmacy, it was there because speculation drove up the price and investors pull back. It did this to all the stocks in pharmacy. PillPack is just a small thing. It’s not going to totally disrupt the industry. Just because Amazon bought it doesn’t mean the end of the world of prescription services. I will not use PillPack. I have those weekly pill sorters. They do the job MUCH BETTER. What do you do if you have pill pack and you don’t want to take certain pills like opioids one day, what do you do with those pills when you open that individual pack? Throw it in your wallet?

PillPack is not going to disrupt the industry like iPhone disrupted telephones and camera companies.