You go girls! Get rid of the border protection like you got rid of guns for defense at local newspaper where angry grudger nutjob shot up all the employees in the safe gun free zone.

That makes us safe! That will make Republicans be voted for in droves.

Police got to that active shooter situation within 60 seconds so they say. That’s 59 seconds too long. That’s 60 seconds after they got the call. That would mean it took 61 seconds or 65 seconds from the start of the shooting or longer.

Had there been guns in that Democrat approved UNICORN FULL GUN FREE ZONE for defense, those people would have had a chance. They would have FUCKING SHOT THE GUY DEAD WITHIN SECONDS.

We will have to see if David Hogg and the other nutjob hysterians will continue to push for more gun free zones while they make $$ doing that.

He wants the entire country gun free as well as having a nice media career.

If the country is a “gun free zone” or a newspaper is a “gun free zone” the fact remains, it’s the criminals that bring guns into “gun free zones”, and it’s the the Republicans that create fantasy free zones in places like schools and work while they leave those fantasy zones there in the kids playroom.

Democrats are hopelessly lost now.