The man was on the island for 30 years until medias did story on him in 2012 and eventually he was sick with the FLU in his 80’s and someone who visited the the island forced him back to civilization according to the Fox News report found here.

A comment posted was asking how someone could get the flu on that island when there really is no one ever there.

Answer is easy, he caught WIND/FLU.

He had sex with the wind.

Viruses go everywhere via the wind.


Diagnoses sellers, drug treatment sellers, test kit promoters, all these people keep lying to you.

Flu is created not caught. HIV/AIDS is created not caught.

Naming of things in order to scam you is a disease.

Now throw me that baseball with that virus on it, I won’t catch it.


feature image of a deserted island by Ingus Joseph see more of his works here