Imagine not being able to drink that bubbly sparkling water or wine or that delicious soda that’s got 100 tablespoons of sugar in it that’s super sweetness YUK is masked by the CO2. Well that just happened in Europe.

Because of a shortage of the gas carbon dioxide which is made from fertilizer production the supermarket shelves are seeing empty.


It’s for 2 decades now baffled me how liberals who are hell bent against CO2 “ruining the planet” still drink soda. CO2 is added. It’s the easiest thing to eliminate “in order to save the planet” yet no one does that. No liberal nutjob calls for the end of soda or beer, in fact liberals have celebrated many a new beer brand, the number of new beer brands, sparkling waters and sodas, has skyrocketed.

Go figure. Think for a change.

End global warming, boycott beer, sparkling water, soda pop, and exhaling.