That is the stupidest word ever devised.

It’s like saying active active. Duh.

Pro is like positive or positively, like saying positively active. Again duh. If you are active you are active.

Are they trying to say be extra active? Say that then.

The term is used to hype up extra policing, they want the police to be proactive. What that means is trampling on all your rights, violating privacy, police the hell out of you. Then they pass proactive laws that proactively prohibit companies from compiling too much information on you. They call this proactive privacy protections. Libtard state California just passed a law protecting you from proactive data collection.

It’s also a deceiving use of the word as it seems like it’s “extra policing” when in reality it’s Orwellian surveillance. They want to watch every move everyone makes. They spend millions of your taxes to watch you more with technology, then they send you $800 red light tickets when you couldn’t stop because if you did you’d be rear ended by the idiot that was following you too close and you have to spend $1000 for a lawyer to try to fight it. That’s what the term means when it’s used in that context. They always try to sell this stuff to “make your lives better” as they proactively collect data on everything you do then proactively create new laws to protect you from proactive data collection.

Or does proactive mean pro-fessionally active? What is a fession BTW?

The word proactive is stupid. You just say active. If you are active you are already proing.

What’s next negactive? What the fuck would that be. Actively negative? That’s what I am actively negative.

You need negativity and positivity and there is just too much positivity these days.

“I think it’s a wakeup call for the tech community to recognize that we need to be engaged and proactive in being part of the solution”

Just say active. “We need to be active in being a part of stopping the use of proactive because it’s the stupidest lamest word in history of English next to arse.”

Wake up call is also stupid. You can go back to sleep after being woken up.

Caveat proemptor.