While the idiot speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi immediately claims we need more gun control others are reporting in a more balanced fashion.

We learn today that there are those who knew years prior that the shooter was going to carry this out sometime.

Gun control? Really? Calling for gun control is stupid.

The people in this office were not allowed to conceal carry or have guns at all in that office because of stupid liberal gun laws.

It was a GUN FREE ZONE until well like duh a shooter came in. We need stupid liberal idiot control. Vote these people out.

Pelosi and friend rather take away that gun she had and spend more of their time in hysterics.

That’s why we elected Trump. We need strong leaders that can call for HYSTERIA CONTROL.

Liberals should call for more GUN FREE ZONES and unicorn control.

Liberals should call for new DOUBLE TRIPLE GUN FREE ZONES that will fix it.

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