The nutsy cookoos want the border patrol dissolved. They want ICE on ICE.

They are holding rallies all around the country.

They are becoming vicious and more crazy than ever. Oh the poor babies is their chant.

Michael Moore wants YOU to use your body in sacrifice.

Maybe it’s the legal marijuana that’s doing this. They are boycotting border enforcement. They want everyone to come in freely like a herd of animals.

Oh now they are going to use that as a weapon, I said “herd of animals” which must be sexist, racist, animalist, humanist, dufusist.

Liberals are becoming total lunatics.

Note in the interview how the libtard Bill Maher contradicts himself saying within one minute “Trump colluded with Putin” then he says “Trump did not collude with Putin”.

What an idiot.

Medias are pushing people into civil unrest.

Don’t worry, when the riots start David Hogg, Nancy Pelosi, and the non existent border patrol will all come to your protection.

It will be like standing in the middle of a buffalo stampede with your e-pad i-pad and u-pad.

These celebrities will be there for you (as long as your battery holds up).

Oh and don’t worry you don’t need a gun for protection. It makes the world safer.

Don’t listen to that little voice in the head that says “I wish I had a GUN right now to kill all these buffalo” that is the devil sitting on a unicorn talking.

Just send your celebrity friends a tweet, and oh, well they had to dissolve police too because they would rip families apart too, so there are no police.

Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

Buffalo stampede killing you. Oddly the ezpad was unscathed.

Too bad those Democratards not got those stampede control laws passed to save us all from angry stampeders.

Abolish ICE. Keep SNOW.

study more than others


feature image of northern border boardwalk where children were picked up by ice and then released because protesters couldn’t handle the emotional portrayal of child being separated from mom even though that never happened with the child in the photo that has become the world’s most seen child image so these children with their parents kept walking in the cold and froze to death after they fell on the ice because liberal retards got their way and the laws were changed so these people would not be put in cages that were 72 degrees where there was also ample food by pixabay