As usual we find out the bandwagon battle cry was wrong about recycling.

The truth is that recycling plastic is adding more of that thing we don’t want into the oceans.

“….only a small fraction of plastic recovered from consumers is actually recycled: the material collected is dirty and so mixed up that it is impossible to produce the high-quality raw material required by, for example, the food-packaging industry. Most recovered plastic is simply burned or dumped: on land, in rivers, or even directly in the oceans.”

BTTODB – Back To The Old Drawing Board

Ah what have we here, an old drawing board, look what it says, “The sensible and effective solution to plastic waste, says Paunio, is to incinerate it.”


feature image of a plastic bottle rally notice the leader in the back raised up on a platform speaking to all the other bottles by mali maeder see more of his works here