The US House representative demanded debates in 2016. She refuses to debate when others politely ask or demand them of her.

She simply will not debate anyone.

HIV proponents do this same thing. They say “The science is settled. That is a huge lie. The science is all over the map and there are only certain things that make any sense like that HIV cannot possibly exist.

When you say “HIV makes no sense” and “HIV must be transmitted by mosquitoes or are you saying HIV is too heavy that when a mosquito picks it up the bug falls flat onto the ground and when it hits the ground splatters into a million pieces and so does HIV thus they never take HIV on any trips thus never transmitting it?”, which is a question that makes sense, they all refuse to answer, or they come up with wacky crap like “Oh HIV is neutralized by mosquitoes with an enzyme” which has no evidence of such anywhere.

They say things like “HIV has never been shown to be transmitted by mosquitoes” which is because they don’t test mosquitoes for HIV and they cannot because the tests for humans do not even find it. Then they “You are so stupid, HIV is a human virus, mosquitoes cannot carry human viruses” which is so incredibly stoopid a response. If it’s because it’s only a human virus then steel, which is not human, also cannot carry it, as in hypodermic needles.

Then other ways they respond to the question about weight is saying “Yes, HIV is too heavy”. I heard that one by a guy who was hopelessly stuck in the HIV/CULT. It’s apparently the way it’s explained in many of these cult circles.

The stupidity is there, their sales tactics, are just like what politicians use.

HIV is nothing but a politically derived claim. The science was only “settled” by political decisions. Those “in charge” of making declarations from on high, from those “at the top” of the science chain had to declare something to calm people down otherwise they would look so bad, so uncaring, so stupid, that they would lose their jobs. It was decided HIV was the cause of drug abuse related diseases politically because government was being pressed by loudmouth wackjob hysterians in gay politics spurred on by lying medias hyping up the disease for ratings, reporting exaggerations made by stupid people, they demanded government get involved and figure out why drug addicts and alcoholics were dying.

Opportunist infections in the medical community players saw a chance to become famous and fabulously rich.

The claim in 1984 was that “HIV is the cause of AIDS”. AIDS is a syndrome of 29 various diseases. It’s not one condition or disease. Saying someone has AIDS is like saying America is a sick society. Too broad. And saying such a broad category of diseases which have a wide variety of causes already is caused by one thing is insanely stupid, or brilliant in the sense of making money. People are getting tested for decades now for HIV when testing only finds antibodies in the broadest sense of what they are, nothing specific, and everyone everywhere has antibodies. In fact the first HIV test found HIV in everyone that was tested. What they did to fool everyone is to change the blood dilution, a technique that is shunned by all who ever studied blood testing as it changes results inaccurately.

Thus in reality all blood shows an HIV positive status when it is done properly.


When you try to discuss rationally with those in the HIV/CULT and state the question “how can a virus only be transmitted by dicks”, where in the mid 1980’s even Republican senators who think logically and not emotionally stated “If HI viruses are transmissible, then mosquitoes would carry them from town to town right?”.

Immediately the gay community non-elected overly emotional representatives lashed back, that claim was scoffed at by so many without a single shred of evidence.

It’s impossible they say. Mosquitoes only transmit the FLU and Malaria which are both claimed to be caused by viruses. A virus is a stupid particle of matter. Think dust.

Then they said “Oh needles too, they can travel by needles, oh but they have to be dirty needles”.

In reality, and not in the fantasy world of HIV theory that is wacko, that is only possible if needles that fly and things that poke on unicorn heads also can stick HIV in someone.

The fantasy goes on, just like Santa Clause the fantasy of HIV gives some sort of relief “knowing” that IT is the cause and not their drugs and alcohol causing their disease.

You don’t need to get tested for HIV you need to get tested for alcohol and drugs. You need to get tested for proper ample sleep to repair your cells. You need to get tested for enough exercise and good healing foods.

When you test positive you don’t need more drugs and alcohol you need to STOP/IT.