While the nutjob attention getters go protesting and all their drama over the 2000 kids that only a portion of those were separated from their parents at the border BECAUSE THEY WERE FUCKING ILLEGAL ALIENS and broke our laws and it’s done for safety of the kids because to protect them, they ignore the millions of other kids separated.

“Some 430,000 children were in the foster care system in 2016, many of whom are prohibited from any parental contact, and the vast majority are in the system due to neglect.”

“A staggering 5.1 million children have had a parent incarcerated over their lifetime, and children of color are more likely to be separated from their parent because of incarceration.”

Read the Washington Examiner.

IMGAY encourages people  to HELP those suffering from CSFPS, those people who are so deranged they have to keep talking about things that are trivial in comparison to what all the good US citizens are going through who they could care less about unless it can be a bandwagon topic to babble about. Talk to them about CSFPS. Take them to a CSFPS counseling center. Get them CSFPS medications.