Retards will be banning soon everyone’s plastic straw calling them “gateway plastic”. ROFL. It’s like how the conservative nutjobs would call marijuana a “gateway drug”.

Stupidity is party neutral.

Actually it’s not funny, their lack of logic states that if we ban those it will start the discussion on the wider topic of banning all plastic. This is what is called an “intellectual ban”. It makes people pay attention to the bigger problem.

Replacement straws that are degradable are 7 times more expensive.

So that penny and a half straw will now be an additional 10 cents on your drink. They are not as durable, subject to heat degradation in shipping, moisture. In boxes they can be stored for about a year before they are unusable. Plastic lasts many years. So shops will be throwing out straws that go bad.

People will now be grabbing 2 straws instead of one as they degrade while drinking. Maybe 3.


More carbon capturing trees will be harvested and turned into paper pulp to make these straws. The oil used to manufacture them will be more that what is used to make durable plastic straws that people reuse AND RECYCLE.

So much better for the planet!

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Then there’s the lunacy in calls for banning flavored vaping liquids.

“By the reasoning of these anti-vaper/anti-smoker assholes, all alcoholic beverages with any flavor that might appeal to children should be immediately banned.” –  says Marc St. Stephen on

That will never happen though because your representatives in political offices are all alcoholics.