The dumb “smart” phone is sending pictures to contacts in the messaging application.

It’s a Samsung brand.

The message application doesn’t even show that the files were sent, people are finding out after they get a message from the recipient.

The non-smart camera doesn’t do this crap.

When something is non-smart it would be called dumb. The words are opposites, smart/dumb.

People these daze think old snapshot film cameras are dumb.

People think they are smart.

They keep using Facebook which is another so called “smart” application even after it warns 800,000 users that it accidentally unblocked people they had already blocked.

That’s basically saying that the computer drove drunk, had served alcoholic bits to underage bytes, and the entire system for 800,000 users could have been run over.

Smart is stupid.

Taking photos makes people GAY.

Consider buying a separate not so smart but rather STUNNING/KODAK AZ901 camera that takes absolutely amazing photographs that put all cell phone cameras to shame.


feature image is one of those so called dumb cameras that is rather respectful of it’s holder it never ever sends photos to people who you don’t want them sent to is a Kodak Instamatic 100 – often the simplest of things are the smartest