Susan Collins says she would not support a Supreme Court nominee that would be one that would be hostile to abortion rights Roe vs. Wade.

Roe vs. Wade is called a precedent.

What is a precedent.



All a precedent is something that precedes.

0 precedes 1 it is a precedent.

Government allowing abortion by law is let’s say number 2.

Zero is like the US Constitution of the 1700’s.

They call number 2 (Roe vs. Wade) a precedent even though it came after zero (The Constitution).

Language is so funny.

Killing human beings before they enter the world and start breathing air is abhorrent.

People care more about pets than pre-breather-humans, classifying these pre-breathers by law as garbage worthy of proper disposal.

It’s a holocaust worse than that of the killing of foreskin.

Pre-breathers are considered property.

Slaves were also considered property at one time.