Michelle Wolf compared Ivanka Trump to “vaginal mesh” and “herpes” during the latest episode of her Netflix show “The Break.”

This is enough reason to boycott Netflix, cause the show  to be cancelled, otherwise people should just cancel Netflix.

“Now is not the time to be hinged,” she said before declaring that she disagrees with calls for “civility.”

That’s one sick disgusting piece of shit. That’s an outright attack on family members for no good reason.

Likely her show will not be cancelled though. Woman can do what they want while if a man gets accused for even looking at a woman twice and it “makes them feel uncomfortable” their shows are cancelled, and if a fat comedienne who mistakenly makes a joke that people mistakenly perceive as having been done purposely with racist nastiness intent, they lose the best show on television. Where are these self absorbed feminists on that?

What a stupid society of liberal freaks.

These Democrats are sick. Keep it up, it will guarantee Republicans win.

Talk about abusive behavior. Michelle Wolf is an abuser.

Delete Netflix.

Unhinged Democrats think they are funny, they are sad sick jokes

Brian Krassenstein said her statement was “comic gold”. Another liberal mess.

Here’s what the Netflix page looks like now when I log in. When I see this I feel like puking.

When someone intentionally refers to a woman as herpes that is unforgivable.

What Roseanne did while on drugs is forgivable as any sane individual would believe her, she has never displayed any racisim ever and repeatedly stated she thought Valerie Jared was white.

Oh and Sara Gilbert, she’s puke. She threw Roseanne under the bus.


feature image presents Michelle Wolf on stage in 2016 and is by Erin Nekervis