Liberals are full of fake news. They never use the term in their reporting that much as it would associate them too closely with the president who uses it all the time calling out CNN as fake news, and many others who make up stuff.

So today I see Gizomdo use it calling out fake outrage.

There is so much fake outrage in the liberal world, this is all they could come up with against conservativerals.

Too funny.

It’s about the “Impeach 45” tshirt that was available on the Walmart online store which like Amazon has sellers that set up their own stores. It’s an “anti Trump” thing.

That’s all liberals could come up with really as to how bad conservativerals are, they protest selling tshirts using “fake outrage”.

Liberal news uses fake outrage incessantly.

They also to be provaccine.

Unlike the word proactive which is like saying actively active which is the stupidest term ever unless someone is deaf, as it’s like saying yes yes, provaccine means they are FOR vaccines not against vaccines like I am and like most understandables are.

Vaccines are stupid. They want you to inject the VERY THING YOU WANT TO AVOID into your body so you can only possibly avoid it later. Makes little sense. They claim it stimulates antibodies to fight it off then you are ready later like in the winter when flu is most popular.

In other words antibodies are good to have there. So when you get a HI test which is unstandardized (like putting diesel in your gas car) it finds some antibodies, none that are specific to HI just antibodies. It’s a very generalized test and the way it’s promoted you would think you are finding a specific thing that someone’s dick gave you as a present.

Then with the fantasy HI virus they couldn’t come up with a vaccine because of course how do you justify injecting HI into the body when it “cannot escape” and will “be there forever” yet they promised a vaccine for decades, those lying sleazy sales men and women in the vaccine industry and medical worlds of wonder.